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Our students tell us this is the absolutely the best ACLS Review Site available today.    Using the latest technology and principles of adult learning to enhance your learning experience Master ACLS will thoroughly prepare you to pass your ACLS course with NO STRESS.

Master ACLS has the biggest Knowledge Library, the most Practice Test questions, and more practice Megacodes than anyone.

Whether you are new to ACLS or have been taking it for many years, this course will prepare you so that when you actually take your ACLS course it will truly be NO STRESS.  Using all of the features of this course to learn everything you need to know is fun.  We have a ACLS Knowledge Library, practice Megacodes, dozens of videos, quizzes, ACLS Pharmacology, flashcards, Megacode Simulation Videos, ECG arrythmia identification Videos, Practice ACLS exams, and much more.  After you have reviewed our course materials we have hundreds of practice questions in our ACLS Practice Exams with hundreds of questions that cover every topic that is on the ACLS written exam you will take when you take your ACLS course.

Master ACLS has Megacode Simulators and video Megacode Testing Scenarios that will thoroughly prepare you to sail through your ACLS course Megacode stations with ease.

Get 30 hours Continuing Education for completing the learning activities and passing the ACLS Final Exam.  CA BRN Provider #13886

Our students tell us that after taking our ACLS Practice Exams, Megacode Simulations and video Megacode Scenario Testing that they had no trouble taking the ACLS written exam and Megacode Skills Test and passing with NO STRESS.  They were so thoroughly prepared that when they actually attended their ACLS course it was fun and easy!

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Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, Master ACLS, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the basic arrhythmias addressed in ACLS
  • Apply the ACLS algorithms to the care of poor or non-perfusing patients
  • Identify and treat reversible causes of sudden cardiac arrest and stroke
  • Identify the 2017 Update changes to the 2015 BLS and ACLS algorithms
  • Identify the mechanisms of action and the indications and contraindications for the medications recommended in the ACLS algorithms
  • Function as a Team Leader & competent team member during ACLS Megacodes for Respiratory Arrest, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, and Cardiac Arrest Megacodes
  • Differentiate between the left and right leg of the Cardiac Arrest Algorithm
  • Pass the ACLS Megacode and Written Exam testing with NO STRESS

The MasterACLS Guarantee

Master ACLS is always up-to-date with the most recent changes to the ILCOR and AHA guidelines.  Up until November 2017  the ILCOR and AHA guidelines were updated every 5 years.  As of November 2017 AHA has started providing updates based on the most recent scientific studies and providing these updated recommendations available on their website.  Master ACLS is based on these most updated recommendations and will be updated as the recommendations are updated and changed.   We have found most other  ACLS Review sites are out of date and based on the old 2015 guideline recommendations.  Master ACLS is constantly “reviewed for accuracy and relevancy to the most recent guideline updates” and is geared to not only help you pass your ACLS course with flying colors but also, to help healthcare providers and healthcare institutions be up-to-date with the most recent recommendations to provide the highest quality patient care.

Our contributors and editors are experienced as an AHA Training Center faculty & AHA Regional Faculty who have decades of clinical and educational experience.  Their talent is taking the complex and making it simple.  We guarantee that you will “get it”.  No more agonizing if you will pass your ACLS course and be able to work.  You will not only pass but you will pass easily after using the many educational tools we have made available to you on Master ACLS.

Continue and BUY A MEMBERSHIP today to start mastering ACLS without all the stress!

Course Content

Total learning: 65 lessons / 41 quizzes Time: 52 weeks



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$59.99 $13.99


  • 65 in-depth lessons with videos
  • 21 Megacode Scenarios
  • 11 Megacode Simulations
  • 48 quiz and testing exercises
  • Hundreds of flashcards
  • Hours of on-demand video
  • Final ACLS Exam that mirrors actual ACLS exam
  • Get 30 verified CE credits
  • And much much more!
  • Language: English
  • Taught by RN, PhD professor
  • 100,000+ students taught
  • Return regularly to stay current & sharp on your ACLS knowledge & skills
  • Pass your ACLS course or get your money back

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